HOW To Configure RELAY_PIN


I’m trying to set up Relay Switch following the instructions on the link below:

It says that I need to specify RELAY_PIN parameter in Full Parameter List in Mission Planner using the table provided in the link, but I’m confused on how to set these names and numbers in one RELAY_PIN parameter. Would you please give me some idea on how and where to enter these names and pin numbers to set up relay switch from Mission Planner?



Hi @chong.pak,

You don’t need to put all the values into one parameter. Just choose the Name you want to specify as a relay and assign its Digital Pin number to the RELAY_PIN parameter in Mission Planner.

Up to 4 pins can be defined as relays in Copter. So, if you want to use more than one pin as relays, you can specify RELAY_PIN2, RELAY_PIN3 parameters, and so on.

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