How to configure all ESCs right from RaspberryPi?

Hi guys.

I am just wondering if it is possible to configure my BLHeli ESCs. I am really tired of re-soldering wires to change motor direction and not being able to configure my ESCs because BLHeliSuite only supports Windows.

I look forward to hear from you guys.

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Sorry for potentially hijacking this question.
But is the ESC configured by sending different PWM-signals to them? If so, wouldn’t it be possible to configure them by just making a python program where you are able to control the PWM output?

As I said, new to this. But if my assumptions are correct, that would be something that I would try. There is an “” example available in the github repo.

I believe I can not change motor direction through PWM-signals even though I can control the speed through the “”.

In order to change the motor direction I have to run something similar to Blheli-Configurator although I am not sure if it is possible.

Arent you able to install that tool in Linux? It supports OS X? so how big a difference could it be :slight_smile:

Yes I can install on linux although since the communication works only through USB I do not think I can make it work. I already tried and I was not successful. There is actually a couple of other things that is missing such as the Cleanflight FC Pass-through which is quite hard to explain so I will leave this posts below.

Got some BLHeli ESC’s now as well.
The people designing this hardware has really made it hard to find out how things work.

If I find some documentation and a Linux based solutions, I will post it here. At the moment I will just change the cables instead.

Please write a line here if you find something that might be of interest.

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