How to configure a Rover without RC Controller

I need to project a autonomous Rover, i have all the basic necessary materials. But i dont have controllers to configure the ESC and motors, there is possible to make the rover run without controller?

APM Arducopter
2x ESC’s (Skid steering)
4 Brushed Motors

Hello Guys! I’m trying to calibrate 2 ESC’s for a rover with skid steers using mission planner. I need to calibrate this 2 ESC’s with a joystick xbox 360 controller, can you guys help me how to do this?

I’m using a APM 2.8 with Ardurover 4.1 version.

Hi Heitor,

Welcome to our forum!

The setup with the joystick as a controller a quite non-common, so I can’t be sure which is the right way for configuration and calibration. Hopefully, some of our users can share their thoughts on this.

From my research, I’ve found the Joystick/Gamepad guide in ArduPilot documentation. Have you checked it? Also, ArduPilot has a great community with a lot of users who are experienced in various configurations. I believe you may reach out to them as well :slightly_smiling_face:.

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