How to change wifi networks without reflashing

Due to limited data on my cell phone wifi hotspot, I need to change to my home network and back often. What would be the easy and fast way to do this? A better way than re flashing and using the Edison setup would be great.

I haven’t tried, but don’t you just use the Edison setup page on port 5000? Like:

Or, if you turn off your cell phone wifi hotspot before you boot Reach, then it will connect to another familiar network, like your home network.

Every time Reach boots, it will look for a familiar network(while doing it a yellow LED will blink). If there is no known network found it will create it’s own hotspot. While in hotspot mode, going to Wi-Fi settings will allow to add new network, just like you did the first time after reflashing.


When not finding a familiar network it will create it’s own hotspot every time. Well for my receivers it’s not every time, it’s sometimes or maybe sometimes. Maybe I can flash it once or twice and get to the edison setup so I can send it to my home router network. As I was told before that I needed to be on my computer because my cell network could not update for me. Yesterday I finally got it on my home router network which is my computer, and I got it to update to v0.4.3 but I had to do it again to v0.4.3 before it would let me download my data. This morning I had to go to the field so obviously I had to change to my cell network which was not easy. Right now the receiver is on the cell network and I cannot download my data even though it has v0.4.3. I doubt that updating again would do any good and it probably won’t update anyway. I have noticed that when it is going to make it’s own hotspot it blinks yellow 16 times then green and then it appears in the scanning. When it’s not going to work it shows solid led then goes off then green then the white, blue,blue,red. Sometimes among it all it does blink yellow but only 6 times, then green then back to the white ect. As I mentioned before I really need to have the receivers to change networks often and they both are hard to do and they take turns as to which one will be the hardest this time. This would easy and fast to do if the receivers would do what they should do. I was wondering when you might have a update to the firmware so that the next flash would take care of it. Please advise.
Thank You

How do you force it to create a new hotspot? Sometimes the original WiFi network shows up, but the power is too low to work on it. I’d rather just connect to the Reach directly via the hotspot. This is especially true when I want to monitor the status of the connected to a Pixhawk since it doesn’t look like you’re supposed to be able to connect the USB cable and the UART cable simultaneously.

Looks like one way to do it is to remove the WiFi networks in the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file and reboot.

Reach will start in hotspot mode if it finds no known networks during startup.

That’s right, if I want to change wifi connection for reach, just turn off my wifi from smartphone. Then connect to reach wifi and set the wifi ssid and key.

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I’m in a situation where I can’t turn off the WiFi and the WiFi is too weak to actually use. Anyway, I was able to work around it by deleting the network via ssh.

That’s an option as well. You can do it through the interface as well.

I’ve ever on that situation, i went to other place unreached by that wifi… the reach wifi worked good.