How to change MS5611 address?

I am using navio2 without ardupilot, and I want to change the address of the MS5611 barometer from 0x77 to 0x76. I need 0x77 for other external device.

It’s possible?

Thank you !!

Hi, Daniel.

Even though it’s possible in theory I would certainly advise against it. This will bring on some changes to the board, void the warranty and might even be dangerous if not done right. It takes some soldering and also scratching the board.

So my counter question is whether you can select a different address on your external device? If it’s a sensor, most of devboards have this address selection built-in.

In the other device is not possible to change the address.

I thought that it was possible via software. If is not possible, I should consider your option.


Could you please send us a datasheet to confirm that it can’t be done?

Unfortunately, I2C devices usually don’t work like that. Their address is selected using pull-up/downs.

I’m going to answer one more time before making an instruction set: are you sure in your soldering skills?

You will need to desolder ms5611, make a new route to one specific pin and then solder it back again. We’ll send you some pictures how it can be done if you’re really willing to take the risk.

Thanks for the answer.

The sensor is:

Only is possible change address via Hardware, but it is encapsulated

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