How to allow software to have constant real time access to log files

I made a post in the Integration section but this may be better suited for this section. I am now trying to use software called EZ Field. I need to allow the EZ Field to have constant access to the raw log files that Reach RS is writing. I will actually survey with the EZ Field software and then it will post process for me which will be a very smooth process. I have already used and tested some of their other software and I like it alot. BUT this survey software either has to communicate directly with the Reach RS or have constant access to the log files (ie once per second).

How can this be done? In order to have communication between Emlid and EZ Field, I think Emlid would have to modify Reachview in order for it to work that way. But maybe I can go with option 2 and give the software access to the log files.

Thanks for any insight!!

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