How to add point for stake out in reach view 3?

How to add point for stake out in reach view 3? i cannot see any option for adding point

Try to import point from your phone as shown here :


Hi Joseph,

In ReachView 3, you can add points by tapping on the project’s name and then on Import.

ok. it cannot insert points directly on the app?

Hi Joseph,

If I understand correctly that you’d like to stake out a point that is already in the project, it’s possible as well. You can tap on the point and press Stake out in the pop-up menu.

I think Joseph means to actually input coords of a point into the app for stakeout. Many times surveying in the field, you may have to compute an actual corner based on a deed or survey map. For example, if he’s already located a corner at one end of a property line, he may have to compute the other end of the line. He can use another handheld computer to do this which would provide the coords of the new point. He would use these coords to input into Reach3 via keyboard to actually stake out to.

I don’t think Reach3 has this function yet. It would be great when Reach3 has COGO capabilities. He could do this in the app

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yeah, i hope reachview has this features.
i use 3rd party survey app for adding points for stake out via bluetooth nmae


yes, basic things land surveyors need… can do point correction like Base Shift and Site Calibration Localization in Grid Coordinates, can stake out adding points manually in survey app wihout importing csv file


That definitely would be nice to add a point say 3feet east and 3 feet south of an existing point , but that would mean being able to draw in reachveiw 3 .

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the suggestions! We’ll consider adding these stakeout features in the future. Please let me know if you have other suggestions as well.


please consider also adding point correction or base shift in grid format. thanks

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