How to access Reach GPIO46 GPIO77

I see that the Reach module provides access to two I/O pins, GPIO46 and GPIO77.

Is it possible to interface with these pins?

Ideally I would like to provide an analog voltage (representing battery level) to one of the pins, then be able to read the value over WiFi access to the module.

These refer to Edison pins, correct? Maybe the answer to this question is pointing me to the right Edison documentation? (I’m comfortable with other embedded processors, but have never used the Edison)

Hi Matt,

These pins do not have ADC function. Refer to the Intel Edison Hardware Guide for the pins description.

Thank you for that link.

It appears that the Edison module does not include ADC functions. However, they do have various sensor modules that are suggested. In scanning that, there is a nice 12-bit A/D module that interfaces over I2C:

Does Emlid have a “policy” on extending the functions of the Edison module? The last thing I’d want to do is screw up the GNSS processing. I can certainly understand that if you start to add things to the Edison module, you’re “on your own”, and that if anything doesn’t work, the answer is “remove user software and re flash!”

Since the Edison runs Linux, I suppose you could run your own tasks alongside the Reach software? I think you’d just need to make sure that you don’t use too much memory and CPU?

Also, what other resources are reserved for Reach? I’m guessing that the GNSS module uses an I2C address. There are certain TCP ports allocated by default.

Well, yeah :slight_smile: But we will try to help anyway.

The I2C is not used, so you can hook up an ADC. You can run your own software alongside GNSS processing.

good sparkfun tutorial on how to read pins