How RTK GNSS Receivers are Used in Archaeology: Online Talk

GNSS technologies are making the workflow in many industries easier, and archaeology is not an exception. We wanted to learn more about the use of Reach receivers in archaeology and get a wider look on the inside of the real fieldwork of archaeologists.

If you’re interested in how the RTK GNSS technologies helped the archaeology fieldwork, check out Emlid online talk. We invited two professionals to give a talk on practices of using RTK receivers and Reach in particular in the archaeological digs.

Meet our guests for the online talk: Daniel Plekhov and Evan Levine from Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World in Brown University, USA. Evan is currently working in Greece, and Daniel is working in Peru. They conducted researches worldwide, including in Georgia, Sudan, and the Mediterranean, and Reach RS+ was of great help in some places.

Throughout the online talk, you’ll learn about the main applications of Emlid receivers on site, possible issues, best practices, and the everyday work of archaeologists.

Do you have any questions? Or perhaps you are an archaeologist yourself and have something to add? Feel free to share your thoughts in the thread!


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