How risky are Reachview Developer Updates?

I have a Reach RS+ running app version: 2.14.0-r0, ReachView version: v2.14.0

I have been afraid of installing the developer updates, since the warning in Reachview says
once I allow developer updates, I can never revert back to the stable releases, until the next
stable release is released, which sounds like a long time.

Why can’t we revert back to stable release? I’d hate to all of a sudden have an update
make my setup fail. I’ve used a lot of complex electronics (DJI drones, bebop drones,
various android devices) where a software update kills off some important functionality for
a lot of users, so I’m afraid that could happen.

How risky are developer updates? I’ve seen just a few reports of an update making something
else break. I would like the newest bug fixes and play with the new stakeout mode, but don’t
want to get stuck with a non-working system during an important project.

  • tj.

Hello, Thomas!

You can actually reflash the unit with the latest stable image. It will erase all your user data, though.

That’s exactly the reason we have to warn you. Most of the time those are very stable, but sometimes things that we can’t really anticipate fall out of line. We rely on our community to help us with more thorough testing.

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