How many Satellites needed for a good base location

I am testing locations to set my base antennae to use for Ntrip caster. Right now I am using the supplied antennae but will probably be getting a tallysman 3710 antennae to put there.

At this point I am getting steady 23 to 26 satellites with 15 steady at 35 or above signal to noise ratio and of those 10 are above 40.

Any comments or suggestions

I think for a good base location, 6 GPS sats with SNR over 45dB would be great. 40dB would be OK too.

If you duplicate that in the Glonass constellation, that is also great. Any other sats with good SNR is a bonus which will help.

Depending on your latitude and the proximity of mountains or other obstacles, it could be hard to get that. I guess the real decision for a base location is a compromise of:

  • the best sky view for the antenna
  • away from sources of RF interference
  • in a place where it is convenient to set up, retrieve logs, and take down
  • in a place where it is not likely to be disturbed by weather, animals, or people
  • in a place where it is not likely to be tampered with, or stolen