How many rovers?

How many rovers can be connected to a base unit?

Currently I have my base and rover “talking” via 3dr radios, nothing special there. But, let’s say I want to build something like the Propeller AeroPoints GCPs.

How can I connect all the rovers(let’s say 5) to one base unit? And still receive base corrections?

Is this possible? Or would I have to do PPK with all of them?

Or could I do something like this…

And then connect them all to my CORs account for RTK?

No upper limit i think (for the base-rover part). They all just listen to what the base is sending. Just point the rovers “ears” towards the base “mouth” :grimacing:
Your radio link may have a secure connection for it send signals undisrupted

Can I just hook up another set of 3dr rx’s to each one and they will all connect to the same base 3dr tx?

If they are just RX, then yes. But i dont know 3dr.
If they need to be bind to TX for secure signal, you might run into issues.

I don’t think you can do this with 3DR’s as they are set up a s a two way link, they don’'t passively listen they actively commnicate both ways, to allow the spectrum hopping, etc.

Perhaps something like these radio modules.

Just thought this could be a cool project. It’s not needed, but only a thought

It might be possible.

Using EzMac

I figured the 3drs were like any other tx/rx combo that only pair to themselves.

I may not even follow through with this project.

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