How Many Km range works with M3E and Emlid RS2+

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Present I Planed to Buy emlid RS2+ base station for Mavic 3E. I need help for How many km range RTK signals works. We need 10 km range for Green corridor Road Mapping. I need your suggestion for Which base station best for that.
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If you are running NTRIP over cellular data (network) personally I won’t go past 20km for RTK and 30km for PPK. My preference is to do local NTRIP via Wi-Fi with the receiver and RC connected directly through a hotspot or other networking device. With a 30ft baseline residuals drop to as low as they are going to get and RTK fix never drops unless one of the devices dies.


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Hi @skybirdcam,

I can second @michaelL’s comment about the range. When your Reach RS2+ acts as the RTK base station for Mavic, it sends corrections to the drone controller. It in turn sends them to the drone via telemetry. If you’re doing it through Emlid Caster, the range is tens of kilometers. So it’s rather a matter of the telemetry range than the RTK range.

When you’re doing it via Local NTRIP, the range is limited by the Wi-Fi range because the corrections are sent within a Wi-Fi network.


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