How long does it take to download a log file

Dear support,

I have finaly received my 2 reach module. I tried some configuration, i get single but no float or fix.
Is I try to find the problem. So I tried to downloade the log files.
Size: 0.24MByte
I clicked in the file but since 20min the text in the browser is: “This log is beeing converted, please wait.”

This is a little long for 240kbyte…

I have to say that I do not wait and change configuration and make start stop. Is this ok to do during download the log file?


Hello Franz,

Did you upgrade your Reach?
Which browser are you using?

Dear @igor.vereninov,

I am using Windows 10 edge browser and I have upgraded the software on the reach module. At the moment the sw reports: ReachView version: v0.4.0-16-g5e621f4

with best regards

I have forgotten the reach image version: Reach image version: v1.2

dear @igor.vereninov,

I have also tried google chrome as browser and it works…
Thank you and good buy.