How fast does reach process and send position

Working on using the reach in a moving application.

Trying to figure out how quickly the Reach collects and sends the position fix back out.
I see all of the time stamps at a 5 Hz updates rate are .00, 0.20, 0.40, etc. how fast does the message go out?

(Also, is the Intel Edison clock syc’d to the GPS time?)

The system clock gets synced every boot to either GPS or NTP. The exact time it takes to output the position depends heavily on the position output type you use. For TCP, this is in the millisecond range.

Thanks. Is TCP the fastest or is direct USB connection a better option?

For the time sync, what’s the order of operations…does it use GPS if that is available and if not it defers to NTP?

Depends on the TCP implementation. Overall, USB-serial is more simple.

Also, I think I misunderstood your question when I read it the first time. While the process of sending the position output is very fast, the whole thing(including computation and all) will take about 50 ms at the maximum load. This will be decreased if you use less GNSS.

For the time sync - whichever is the first one available.

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