How Do you Update Navio2 (Ardupilot on Raspberry Pi)

I have a Navio2 Image already setup and working. I want to update to the latest ArduRover version available for the Emlid image which is documented here as 4.0.0:

I tried to upgrading following the instruction here

It didn’t seem to update anything. I previously asked for help with updating from 3.4 to 3.5.1 (Updating above ArduRover 3.4 on Navio2) but it was a bit of a hack. What is the correct procedure for updating using the official images?


Latest compiled Ardurover from need some resources that are not available on the 20190227.img

If you want to use latest ardurover (and next ones), you will have to download and use the latest navio2 Emlid image or built from source on your 20190227.img.


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