How do you skip updates

i had updated my reach rs+ units as updates came and had alot of trouble getting a fixed signal after the 2.2x.x update. it is too erratic, i had no trouble before that even getting 500 to 600 meters in dense forest enviornment. so i got my old 2.16.2.img i had and flashed it, but now its telling me to update again to 2.22.x i dont want to

Hi Daniel,

ReachView version shouldn’t affect this way on the performance of Reach. On the contrary, the latest updates bring improvements in RTK performance and overall stability.

It would be great if you could share system reports from your base and rover units and elaborate a bit on what sort of issue you experience? Is it with LoRa range?

hi dmitriy

it was, lora was causin problems, but i flashed an old firmware and everything came back to normal, even made one 2 km baseline with line of sight.

Hi Daniel,

We’ve never faced issues with LoRa range on v2.22. However, we’d like to find out what could cause the range to decrease in your case.

For this, I need a Full system report, and Base corrections log recorded when the issue occurs.

We’ve recently released v2.24, and I’d suggest updating the receiver because it has all the fixes and improvements. Also, the Full system report from this version contains more info that would be useful for troubleshooting.

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