How do you power your 6s drone?

I’ve been looking into different power boards, got one, and now I’m looking again after it burst into flame at first plug-in.

I liked the idea of the one I got because it should have been able to power the navio using the 5 pin power plug, provide power to my gimbal, and provide power to the servo rail (12V and 5V bec).

But since it burst into flame, I’m thinking about doing something else.

I know there are power modules like the 4s ones that you can get but how where/how would I pull power from the battery to power the servo rail and the gimbal? If I use a power module it will make it seem like I need another distro board in addition to the module so that I can add appropiate becs.

Any ideas/suggestions?

I think I’m just going to get a bec that does 5v and 12 v and do a cable squid which I’ll attach using a power module rated for 6s (one that I can plug into the navio). Reduces complexity… right? haha.

Without a spark supression system you will kill all your components with 24V. I guess that is why your power board burned.

It is no longer funny but seriously dangerous with 6s. You should start to be very carefull.

There are a lot of information on how to power a 6s system on the web.

I use the AirbotPower Power Module, expensive but very nice. I think the powerboard is one of the most important parts. If it fails the system will crash. I power my gimbal with a separate uBec.