How do you mount Navio+ on a Raspberry Pi B board?

I am just now putting together my system. I was planning on using a Raspberry Pi B board (not B+) because I already had it. Ultimately, I’ll probably go to something more powerful.

Anyway, how do you mount the two together? All the photos I see show a Navio with a Raspberry Pi B or a Navio+ with a Raspberry Pi B+.

The mounting holes talked about in the instructions don’t seem to be there on the Raspberry Pi B. And it has the older 26 pin connector, not the 40 pin connector.

So how is the 26 pin connector on the Pi aligned to the 40 pin female connector on the bottom of the Navio+? Without mounting holes, how do you attach the two boards together securely?

And looking at the two boards, since the Navio+ sits on top of the Pi, does this mean you can’t use the Pi camera?



If you want to fit Navio+ on model B, you will need to align first pins of the 26-pin and 40-pin connectors on them. First pin is on the servo connection side of the board. You will also need to remove yellow RCA connector on your RPI.

I would suggest that you upgrade to RPi 2B as it provides waaay better performance and you will be able to mount your Navio+ securely.

Thank you. I’d assumed the alignment between the connectors was the opposite, with the Navio+ overhanging the Pi.

Glad I asked before powering it up!

Removing that RCA connector is a major operation for some people. I’m an electronics engineer and am a moderately good tech, so it shouldn’t be too bad. But this is a major item and should be mentioned in the docs, especially when they say that Navio+ is compatible with, and list all but the Raspberry Pi Zero.

I put a Raspberry Pi 2B on order last night, but it won’t be here for a week or so. So I may proceed with removing that RCA connector, so I can proceed with checking things out.

You are absolutely right! Just added this note to the list of compatible Raspberry Pi models.