How do you correct picked up points once everything has been post processed

So I followed the instructions on how to post process the data, and it gets to the point where you can view everything. But now I’m not sure what I actually do to correct the points that I picked up.

When I was doing the survey, I very rarely got a ‘fix’, though I did have float the entire time. So I sat on every GCP for a 1 minute observation. Quite a bit of ‘movement’ even though the rover was using a bipod the entire time so it was perfectly still.

The base station was on a tripod and set to average a point with a 10 minute observation. I had strong link to the base the entire time. I was only about 300m away during the survey.

I also shot an ASCM marker as a check in and check out.

Here is the raw logs + what was post processed according to the guide (as best as I could figure).

Even though completely still, it’s a FLOAT measurement so it going to appear to have moved as it’s not a locked on FIX.

It’s all going to depend on many variables and settings for your situation on how good a FIX you get. You want to get FIX, not FLOAT.

Read up here, as there are many posts about getting a FIX.

That’s fine, I’ve normally been able to get a fix with the settings I was using since I followed those two links you put down.

That still doesn’t help how you correct the points after post processing. I mean that’s the whole point right? You can’t get a good fix at the time so you recalculate after the fact.

I think you have to elaborate on what you mean by “correct picked up points” ?
Do you mean how do you get your 1-minute obs points out of the raw-file ?

Yes. I want to take the shots that I have collected (GCP’s) and recalculate what I’ve done based on the post processing. Hopefully to increase the accuracy of the GCP’s.

If I was using Trimble, I would just use Trimble business center to redo the calculations. But I don’t know how to do it with Emlid’s setup.

“Easiest” way is via RTKplot, and setting start-stop times here. This will show you an average for that timespan.

Oof. That’s… doable I guess?

Yeah, doable is the best word here, 'cause the workflow really ain’t pretty :confused:

Though how do you see what the calculated distance is from the base? Ie if I post process the base, how do I input that to what the rover got?

You can input base coordinates, when you do PPK in RTKpost.
Baseline can be observed in RTKplot.

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