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How do we actually use ROS to run our drone?

(Zackous672252) #1

How do we actually use ROS to run our drone? I understand that the emlid image has ROS installed but to what extent, and what are the limits of it. I am absolutely unfamiliar with ROS and I only heard about it when I first looked into the navio2. I went to ROS’s website to see if they have a command or a system or something but they just referred back to the ROS section for the navio2 documentation. I already followed it but clearly it wont allow my quadcopter to fly with just that tutorial. It would be nice if there was a walk-through for making a drone using the navio2, a raspberry pi model whatever, and a basic drone kit. I would like to see how to actually get it off the ground. I have found a topic that allowed me to move the propellers autonomously through the servo.py program, but to make sense of sensor data from scratch in python takes a lot of time. I thought the point of having Ardupilot and ROS was to avoid making code from scratch.

Getting started with ROS
(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hey there,

You can check ROS resources (docs and forum), there should be a lot of information on how to build UAV with ROS. Actually building a Navio2-powered drone running ROS is neat idea, we’ll consider posting such project in future. Thanks!

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Hello tatiana.andreeva,

I want to make my drone fully autonomous. I have the dji f450 kit which I intend to use with the navio2. I will try the ROS document one more time but my end goal is to have a drone fly without a controller. Thought the emlid website and the documentation I have seen the word autopilot a few times which is exactly what I want. I hope they aren’t the word ArduPilot with autocorrect enabled. Also thank you for considering that idea I mentioned in my last post.

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ROS is good if you are wanting to get down and dirty in code and engineering. However, if you need a basic autopilot, look at Ardupilot, for a basic drone it has the code already written and all you need to do is some configuration (through the Ground Station), I think it might be a better choice for you.

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Thank you webb.howard, I have taken your advice and after some research and tests I have gotten to the point where I am trying to get an accurate gps reading on ArduPilot so I can run the drone autonomously. It says my drone is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean meanwhile I live in New York. I tried to run gps.py and the coordinates said the exact same thing. Now I think I am facing a faulty board. Is the board actually broken or am I missing something.

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This is guessing, but before giving up on the board, check some of these things:

  1. Make sure you have your antenna plugged in.
  2. You may need to be outdoors, or near a window. I don’t get a GPS lock when things are sitting on my desk, but if I place the antenna within 6 inches of my window I get six or eight satellites and a good fix. No fix will give you 0, 0 coordinates, which is in the Atlantic a bit off of Africa, or it will randomly bounce you around.
    Check the status LED on the Navio2. Not connected to Ground Station, and not armed, you should have a slowly blinking Green if the GPS has a fix.
    From the GCS, check how many satellites you have and what the hdop (dillution of precision) reads; this should be on the bottom left of the flight data map. No satellites, no data.
  3. If you have set up a GCS, check your connections (SiK radio?)

(Zackous672252) #13

Thank you Webb the gps is working great now. My next problem is that the mission planner is constantly crying that the rc roll is not configured. I have no intentions of using a controller how do I get it to fly with just mission planner and no controller?

(Howard Webb) #14

Take a look at this article:

It looks like you need to set the min/max parameters, even though you are not using a transmitter.

(Zackous672252) #15

Even though it can be calibrated it still needs a controller of some sort. Here is what I had in mind, would it work with the navio2?
Desired controller
I’m on a budget so price wise this is great. Not sure if the navio2 supports fhss.

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