How do I use Raspberry Camera to record a flight video?

What I want to do: I want to record the flight video when the airplane is armed and the video file is saved which I can retrieve later to watch.

What I think now: I think this requires my python code to obtain the flight mode and arming. This will initiate my Pi camera to start recording and when the aircraft lands, it stops recording thereby.

My question is: which Arduplane file I should import to obtain the arming and flight mode? And how to run my own script together with the Arduplane everytime when I boot the Navio2?

I want to learn more about how to use Navio2 to do other things together with the existing firmware.

Please give me some help


Hi @Chao_Li!
For this purpose it’s better to use dronekit. You need to create message listener as described here and trigger your camera to start recording when your vehicle is armed.


Thank for this, I have done it. Do you know if I can execute my script on my Navio2 together with the autopilot? Lets say I create a script and enable it on boot. The script might be something like control the pwm output in one of the channels.


Here is what you do.

You stream your video via gstreamer over udp.

Use Qgroundcontrol as your base station software. It has a function that will allow you to record the image that is received over UDP. The video can be selected to record for example in ,vid, mp4 and others.

I use an SSh app to start and stop my raspicam video

I will help you with getting your setup up and running if you want.

This video was recorded on my tablet using Qgroundcontrol

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