How do I upgrade to APM:rover2 v3.1.2 - Navio2 + Rpi3 on Mission planner


This is probably a beginners question.

I’m working on a navio2 + Rpi3 board (Linux navio 4.4.36-da925b7-emlid-v7+) as a Rover and built the vehicle from waf sources back in Feb…and now when I connect my board via mission planner 1.3.49 - an upgrade of firmware message appears! “New Firmware available APM:Rover v3.1.2 please upgrade” - My question is how do I upgrade? I know from other board you use USB and the drivers automatically download I guess.

Had problems with compass calibration as well as the Accel Calibration ? perhaps that’s the reason why "error bad compass " appears on my HUD too.

Hello there!

Here’s how we upgrade!

This will update systemwide ArduPilot binaries (APM:Rover 3.2 being the new default).

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