How do I set the collection interval with a Reach in rover mode

I am trying to set the collection interval to use the Reach in rover mode to collect at one of the following intervals in seconds:
1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30
In order to upload the Rinex file to they require one of the intervals.
Here is a screenshot of the error message received. i attempted this twice one interval was 17 seconds and the last one was 22 seconds.

I don’t know if you can do it within the ReachView app, but you can certainly take your raw .ubx log and convert it to RINEX with RTKCONV. There is an interval setting at the top right side of the window.

I will try that. So far about all I am connecting cannot be brought into a single point solution. I will move to an open area and collect for 30 minutes and see what I get. Until I can collect a base point there will be no RTK.
Also, Luke says that OPUS Renix files require dual band receivers.


Does the opus site allow L1 only data? I thought one of the requirements was L1 and L2 data.


Tim and others,
Luke is correct. It does require L1 and L2 data collection and the Reach unit cannot do that at this time. Then you will also need a dual frequency antenna. This is a link to a PDF file that is good

Has anyone tried PPP processing using NRCAN?


I signed up and submitted the ZIP file created by Reach and it was rejected “not a valid RENIX file”. I think that is because it is actually 3 files. Do you know what the requirements are for the files that we must submit?

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Are you trying to upload the ZIP file? I think that it would expect .obs and .nav RINEX files.

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Sorry for delay in response.
I uploaded the .obs file and it came back with error as well. This time the error was that they can only handle up to version 2.11 of RINEX:
CSRS-PPP Latest update: 2014-09-04CSRS-PPP Latest newsSoftware Version: 1.05 34613
CSRS-PPP Results for rov_201604172034.obs
rov_201604172034.obs Error : The CSRS-PPP service can only currently process up to version 2.11 of the RINEX observation data format.
Also, there are boxes that mainly apply to Canada as far as I can tell.

I am working on another solution with my surveyor. When I get it to work I will post it. We may need a new subject as this one would be a little vague.


check out robins post, seems to work. You can convert to RINEX 2.10 using RTKCONV.
I’ll submit some files too.