How do I install px4?

Hi…Im totally lost on this. How do I install px4 on the navio2 board?? I honestly have no idea. In the px4 website it says that you should be able to flash it with the groundcontrol, but that is only for the pixhawk. I know it works for the navio2 now, but honestly, there are zero guide on this. A more noob friendly guide should be created on the navio2 docs page.
ANyway, if anybody can help me on this I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: I need to do a tailsitter plane, that is why I need px4

Hi there! ArduPilot does also have support for these new VTOLs. Take a look at this thread! AFAIK, the PX4 guys have pretty easy to follow guides to get the FS running on Navio. I haven’t launched this in a while but it did work a couple of months ago.

hi thanks for your reply. That guide is not really straight foward though, I keep getting an error when I try to make the posix_rpi_cross , so I am stuck. Is there any easier way to install px4 in the navio2 similar to the apm method? Thanks!

No, we don’t package PX4 binaries in Debian packages, so this will be a little harder. But I guess PX4 team does have a build server you can fetch already built binaries. I wanted to ask one more time, though: why ArduPilot won’t cut it? It seems that your setup is supported.

Thanks again for the answer :slight_smile: That ardupilot that you sent me was for tilt rotor, but my case is tail sitter, so I guess is a little different. Maybe I saw it wrong, but was there a tail sitter too for ardupilot?
Anyway, I was finally able to install px4! Works nice :slight_smile: to anybody that may also be having difficulty,my tip is to use Linux. Everything went way more smoothly after I switched from Windows.

Ardupilot has no support for tailsitters yet.

Sorry, guys! I hadn’t known the tailsitter setup didn’t make it to the master. It did only a couple of days ago. Take a look at this thread.


I’m glad you figured it out. Yeah, I guess we might have forgotten the difficulties Windows users might run into while cross compiling stuff for Linux. It’s indeed a painful one.

I used the “Bash on Windows” feature. It is available on Windows 10 Home and Pro via “Software and Features”. Then I just followed the Ubuntu build guide for px4. Worked without a problem.

Hey so Im trying to upload PX4 onto the navio2 board for regular plane. I’m using this command to launch the code after a native build: sudo ./build_posix_rpi_native/src/firmware/posix/px4 ./posix-configs/rpi/px4_fw.config

But as soon as I launch the code my server try to push past their limits and sound like they will quickly burn out so I have to stop. What changes did you have to make to get the planes to run PX4?