How do I connect a 11.1V Lipo to my NAVIO2?

I’m building a quadcopter with a Navio2 controller, and currently plan on buying a 14000mAh 11.1V lipo to power my drone. Is there any way I can power my navio2 with it, as its clearly well above the recommended power range of 4.8-5.3V?


Navio 2 “Power Module” is one solution.


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Power module, like Marc said. It’ll let you monitor your voltage, consumption, etc which is critical to have if you don’t have anything else monitoring that in your build.

A BEC isn’t a bad thing to have running power to your rails for redundancy and being able to power other components, either. Ex:


Thanks. I was going to go for a LM7805 regulator to reduce the voltage, but this seems easier to connect.

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Yeah, and that type of UBEC will take care of battery ripple, servo/esc ripple, RF reduction, and a variety of other things so they don’t work their way around your VTX/etc.

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