How do I change lora frequency? - SOLVED

I have a pair of reach RSs.
I live in Australia.
When I ordered them there was no way to specify the band, but surely emlid would not ship non-compliant equipment.
The Lora band in Australia is 915MHz, but my devices are set at 868MHz
How do I change it as currently if I use LORA I am at risk of a fine of up to $300,000 and / or up to 2 years in prison!

Unless another radiocommunications licence can be obtained, if the frequency range of the transmitter in question does not appear in the LIPD Class Licence, it is likely it cannot be used in Australia. For example, low-powered transmitters operating in the 868 MHz bands or the US ISM bands, between 902 MHz and 915 MHz, cannot be used because these bands have been licensed for commercial purposes in Australia.”

The unit would not accept 915.0 MHz, but would accept 916.0 MHz. I am safe, no frequency infringement for me :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,

Glad that this is resolved, but still it should have accepted 915.0 MHz, were you not able to enter this number or you saw an error when entering 915?

No the unit would not allow me to enter 915

Thanks! Which browser are you using and on what platform?


Hi Simon,

Is this reproducible? It works for me on v2.7.4. If it still fails, could you please post a screenshot?

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