How do I adjust my antenna height?

So I set up my current RS2 setup a while back (single RS2 used a s a rover) and I remember measuring and setting the height of my survey pole plus the distance from the base of receiver to antenna. I had to get a new pole after mine took a swim and I cannot figure out where I set that info up at before. Trying to get some pretty accurate elevations on a site so making sure that I have that offset worked in would be ideal.

Hi @Cowboys703,

Oh, I think I can help you find the path to this setting. You need to go to your Survey project, tap the plus to add a new point and then go to the Pole field.

There you need to set the height of your survey pole as the Pole height. The distance from the bottom of the receiver to the antenna phase center (0.134 m) will be added automatically once you set Reach RS2 as a receiver.

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