How config my rs+ (base) and rs2+(rover) in ppk mode

Hello, the configuration is as follows
rtk configuration:
positioning mode: kinematic
GPS ARmode: fix and hole
15 ° lifting mask
SNR mask 35 °
Maximum vertical acceleration: 1 m / s2
Horizontal: 1.5 m / s2
GNSS select all but BEIDOU

Correction input: off
Position output: off

Base mode Position output: off
Base Coordinates: (I have a fixed point)
Input mode: simple average

I create a survey and start recording a point, I get a coordinate, I coordinate that coordinate with an MDE (digital elevation model) that I have and there I see that the elevation value in a single point differs by 10 meters.

I have a topography survey with points every 30 meters, they are taken with total stations.

both devices work independently, and then in rtklib you should adjust the rover coordinates based on the base data.
The coordinate system is wgs84.

I would like to know if you have any configuration instructions for both the base and the rover to be able to carry out this work, thank you.

Hi David,

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Reach RS+ is a single-band device. It can provide L1 corrections only, and that’s why it can’t be used as a base for multi-band Reach RS2.

However, Reach RS2 can work as a base for Reach RS+. But in this case, it works just as a single-band system. We recently posted a topic with more details about it, feel free to take a look.

What height does your DEM model use? Are they ellipsoidal?

I think that Stop & Go feature in Emlid Studio is what you’re looking for. To use it, you need:

  1. Start recording raw data logs on both base and rover
  2. Collect the points with a ReachView 3 app, then export the project in a CSV file
  3. Stop recording logs and download them

After post-processing, you’ll be able to get precise coordinates for points that have Fix. Their coordinate system will be the same as your base datum. So to get points in WGS84 just set the base position in Emlid Studio in it.

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