How can I track my Navio 2 has been sent

Isn’t there any account login where I could track the shipping date of my recently ordered Navio2?
I would like to possibly change the shipping method depending on the delivery date forecast (that I haven’t received when ordering!).
This makes me a bit nervous I will get it in time for doing my Quadcopter project.

Thanks very much in advance for the logistical support


Your order contains backordered items (Navio2 board), that is expected to get shipped by the end of the month. If you’d like to speed up the delivery, you can change your carrier to EMS or DHL (there will be a price difference). If you’d like to do so, please send me a PM or contact us by email -

Thanks a lot for your order!

Thank you very much for your answer, what is the usual leadtime for the shipping method I selected and the difference with EMS or DHL?
If this can significantly improve the delivery time I may change of option