How can I read Long / Lat on Raspberry Pi 3 from Reach or Navio 2's GPS?


is it possible to read out the current long and lat coordinates on the Raspberry Pi 3
from either the Navio 2’s GPS or the Reach’s GPS connected to the Navio 2?

I mean can I do a python script that reads out / accesses the current Long / Lat coordinates
of the connected Navio 2?

I do not mean to read some saved recorded coordinates in reaches log folder,
but want to know if there is a way / script to read out the current coordinates on the RPI.


Check the Navio2 docs, they have a thing for each sensor on the Navio2.

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Are you going to use a ground station? APM Planner 2.0 reads out the current Lat/Long of the Navio2 on the laptop’s screen.