How are camera event positions calculated?

I read the Reach post-processing doc page and see that camera events are automatically converted to a _events.pos file by RTKPOST. Are the positions simply interpolated from the two neighboring positions from solution #1 or what is the math behind it?

Yes, I think up to now they are retrieved by linear interpolation. I think it might be possible to integrate the IMU data into that interpolation some day, but up to now it is linear interpolation.

It would be interesting to see what is the difference in the position if you fly with two modules and use a 14Hz udate rate in one and a 5Hz update rate in the other module.

But I personally would guess that the difference is only significant if it is a flight under wind conditions (or vehicle movement) which change with at higher rate than 5Hz and I would actually guess that these conditions do not exist in reality?!

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