How about Ublox LEA-6T for REACH?


REACH kits is more expensive because 8T is used. If to use LEA-6T and it works, the cost is even lower. As RTKLib suggested, LEA-6T can be used. I have bought two 6Ts for test by pyUblox and RTKLib kits seperately. The first one is tuned to base station, the other is for rover. Using pyUblox library(, the result is easier to obtain than RTKLIB.

6T is short of GLONASS feature than 8T according to U-Blox public specifications, mainly. But if it works, the cost is lower. I bet it is very important! At least to me -:slight_smile:

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@xuniuer99 Hi! No, we have no plans of using 6T. It is an outdated technology that lacks a lot of important features such as support of GLONASS\Beidou which is very important in L1 receivers because it allows to get a proper satellite view and results in higher fix rate. Price difference is insignificant, so there’s no point in using it.

Thanks for your explanation.

In fact I want to use DGPS to generate sub-meter accuracy, enough to use for car tracking. Before we used standalone GPS module to track cars, now we can use DGPS to obtain much higher accuracy. Thanks to the project, I could see more details of executing RTKLIB processing and attenna model used.

BTW, I am from China. In China 8T is not sold till now but 6T can be purchased from taobao.