Hi guys,

I create hot spot in my phone and successfully connect both reach.
Now I want to measure coordinates of base station so I want to leave reach for 6-24h and postprocess data aftr all. For all of those time it has to be connected to hot spot (I have to leave my phone?)


Hi @Mgeol as your phone is the link that is allowing both the rover and base to communicate over then yes. Do you not have a wifi router you can use?

Hi Andrew,

I just discover that range of my phone’s hot spot is about 8m, so RTK will not work in my case as i have to measure a bunch of GCP. I will try measure coordinates of point in rapid static mode. I have two reach so I can measure two points in same time but I also need two hot spot/two telephone? Am I right?

What is the different between hot spot created in phone and wifi router?


I made the assumption that the reach units would be static over the period of time you mention. A good wifi router with repeaters may well give you a better range but it depends on the distance. I’m assuming you are using one as a base and the other as a rover? if you have both of them as rovers without any correction from a base at a known location or using an ntrip caster for example then the rovers are going to ± 2.5 meters.

Have you considered using telemetry radios?

I will describe my problem more precisely.

I would like to use reach to measure GCP with sub-cm accuracy.
Unfortunatelly I can’t set up base over know point so I can’t really use second reach as a rover and measure rest of the point. The closest NGS CORS Stations (US reference station) are about 80km-100km so I can’t use ntrip.

Now I am wondering if it possible to get sub-cm accuracy in post processing. I will left my reach for static session and to post process with using rinex from closest (80km) CORS station and ephemerid.

Do I get those accuracy? For how long i should leave reach to log row data? Should i leave reach with constant access to hot spot?

That a lot of question but your help is much appreciated.

ps. No, I don’t consider telemetry radio before, but I guess this can help sending correction between base and rover, right?


I`m actually trying the same thing right here, Reach Single solution accuracy - #11 by TB_RTK
But not with cors. My reach will stand alone with no otherthing connected and log for some hours, over several days.
My hop is to get absolute position.

Correct me if im wrong but my understanding is that if you have an L1 only gps reciever with no source of corrections (eg ntrip connection) your absolute positioning will still be a single positioning solution which will be in the order of metres possibly tens of metres? If you say repeat this for 20hrs a day over 3 days your position is not necessarily more accurate because of the magnitude of error in measurement…i guess it depends on how accurate your position needs to be

I suppose it would be like using a measuring tape where the smallest unit of measure is 1m you can remeasure the distance over and over but not get a more accurate measurement

That’s correct for a single solution workflow. But if you post process by following the static post process workflow from the docs, your position should improve tremendously.