Hot shoe to Reach and geotagging documentation


I just bought a Reach. Can you tell me what signal the Reach is expecting from the hot shoe and how you geotag photos?



@Brian_Christal Hi! The external event circuit is pulled up to 3.3V and to make a time mark you need to pull it to GND, currently we record time mark on the descending front. How to get a list of the coordinates of the event is described in the docs.

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Thanks Mikhail. Does Emlid have a geotagging utility?



No, but photogrammetry software usually can accept photos and file with their coordinates separately so in that case there is no need to tag photos individually. If you still need geotagging take a look at EXIF batch manipulation utilities, they should be able to tag photos using the file with coordinates.

Dear Mikhail!
Do you have any news on the documentation related to camera integration. Can we expect it soon?

I’ve read that the Sony A7 series cameras smart hotshoe is designed to accept a gps device in the future. I’m wondering if something can be utilised by Reach or Navio2 potentially to provide this information. I know the sony sdk/api is very limited and camera might not actually have the harware just the hotshoe. But the skd mentions external event access which i presume could include geotagging.

I am afraid that GPS integration is very unlikely to be suited for high precision work. They do not need to care about millisecond delays.

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I’m thinking of using a photoresistor to connect Reach to an S100.
Can you tell me what would be the Ohm values of the resistor where Reach will trigger aor not trigger an event?

Did test it now, a cheap 0,10€ photo resistor from ebay does the job perfectly well.

Hi Brian,

It’s been a long time since the last message was posted in this thread :smile: However, I want to share that the geotagging feature is implemented in our free software Emlid Studio. You can give it a try with Drone data processing and RTK Drone data processing.

Feel free to ask questions in the new topic!