Hot Shoe cable


I would like to make a hot shoe time stamp cable but need to know where to connect. I can hold +3.3 then fall to ground when the flash connects. Based on the drawing below, I’m assuming ground goes to GND. Where does my signal wire go? Should the feedback cable be connect to the DF13 next to the USB plug or on the opposite side?

Thanks! Brian

Hi Brian,

The feedback cable goes to the time mark input. Check out the pinout here:

Hi Brian and Igor

I want to know if I plug the negative and positive pin of Sony a6000 hot shoe to reach, I mean If the positive hot shoe to time Mark and negative hot shoe to gnd, this Will work, what signal enter to reach registrer time Mark?

There is no negative or positive pin on the hot shoe. The hot shoe has no power. It only completes a circuit. You can connect ground to one side of the hot shoe (it does not matter which side) and connect the other side to the Reach Time Pin and you will have a “Reach hot shoe” cable.


All hot shoes are the same: