Home coordinates not persisting


I just received my Navio2 earlier in the week so am completely new to this forum.

I’m trying to set up a mission but my Home coordinates are set to 0,0, 0 (Lat/Long/Alt) and I can’t seem to get new values to persist. I’ve tried using APM Planner and MavProxy running on a Debian (Stretch) laptop.

Using the Map module in MavProxy I can click on a location and then set the home. In the MavProxy console I see the following:

STABILIZE> ('Setting home to: ', -43.38527662301472, 172.5243413554581, 40.7334802690984)

When I then issue “wp list” I get the following:

STABILIZE> wp list
STABILIZE> 16 0 0.0000000000 0.0000000000 0.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1
Saved 1 waypoints to way.txt
Saved waypoints to way.txt

And in the Mission Editor the Home coordiates are still 0,0,0

Has anyone else encountered this? Am I missing a step?

My setup is as follows:

Image: emlid-raspbian-20170323.img

pi@navio:~ $ dpkg -l | grep ardupilot-navio2-copt
ii ardupilot-navio2-copter-3.4 3.4.6-1.0 armhf no description given



After some further reading and experimentation I found that the Home location is set automatically when I arm the quad. Usually there is no need to set Home coordinates manually, unless of course you are launching from a moving platform such as a boat in which case RTL might have dire consequences!

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