Has anyone used a hologram.io sim in their RS2?

Hi Seth,

We haven’t tested this SIM-card. However, if it’s a GSM nano-SIM, there should be no issues in using it with Reach RS2.

Hopefully, someone from our users could share their experience.

It arrives tomorrow so I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

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So I received the sim. It will connect to the cellular network but does not connect to my NTRIP connection. Their support asked that I visit and run these commands. Is that something I can do via ssh into the RS2?

Any help here?

Hi Seth,

You can ssh on Reach receivers under the reach user, however, these commands might not be easy to run.

Would it be possible to check this SIM card on the other device? Also, could you please share a Full System Report from Reach RS2? This information might help me to understand why RS2 can’t connect to NTRIP caster.

You can send all the data to my PM or via support@emlid.com as there might be sensitive information included.

PM sent with the report.

Did you receive my log?

Hi Seth,

I’ve received your data, thank you!

I’m afraid that Hologram is an M2M SIM card. Unfortunately, at the moment, Reach RS2 doesn’t work with them.

We’ll consider adding the support for such SIM cards in the future. However, I can’t provide you with any exact dates on it. The report you shared will help us to understand how to introduce this feature.

Ok thanks for clarifying. Is this a feature that would possibly be enabled with a firmware update or would this feature only be available via a new product in the future?

Hi Seth,

It should be possible to enable this functionality via software update.

That’s awesome. Hopefully this will happen soon as having the ability to pay per megabyte via hologram.io is a great option to use with the RS2.

Just to explain why this would be a huge benefit to your users, this sim permits pay per megabyte usage. Here in the states it gives us access to all of the cellular providers. Thus if we are in a more rural area we have the ability for the system to pull the strongest available cell signal for NTRIP. I believe this company is worldwide. So all users worldwide would benefit from this feature being added as soon as possible.

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Hi Seth,

We’ve released the Reach Firmware 27 Beta 1 which includes a long-awaited MSM SIM cards support! It’d be great if you could test this out. Feel free to share your results in the new thread.

Please note that this a Beta release. It’s designed to provide early access to the new features. It’s better not to use it for important field jobs.