Has anyone used a hologram.io sim in their RS2?

Hi Seth,

We haven’t tested this SIM-card. However, if it’s a GSM nano-SIM, there should be no issues in using it with Reach RS2.

Hopefully, someone from our users could share their experience.

It arrives tomorrow so I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

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So I received the sim. It will connect to the cellular network but does not connect to my NTRIP connection. Their support asked that I visit and run these commands. Is that something I can do via ssh into the RS2?

Any help here?

Hi Seth,

You can ssh on Reach receivers under the reach user, however, these commands might not be easy to run.

Would it be possible to check this SIM card on the other device? Also, could you please share a Full System Report from Reach RS2? This information might help me to understand why RS2 can’t connect to NTRIP caster.

You can send all the data to my PM or via support@emlid.com as there might be sensitive information included.

PM sent with the report.