Hobbyking Go Discover Navio 2

Hey there, I would like to introduce a new project to you:
I am a stundent from Germany, and i am flying model aircraft since over a year now. However, I also like to do a lot of computer stuff, and when i saw Navio, I emediatly liked the idea. This year each stundet has to do a project, and i decided to build a drone which should stream video over LTE and also be able to perform automatet flights.
Today I have made the first successfull flight on my go discover, and i have ordered the Navio 2 and raspberry pi. I would love to hear what you think about that project, and I will report every step I perform
hope you have a great christmas holiday



Sounds like a great project!

You have probably seen this, but if not it would definitely be the spot to start: http://uavmatrix.com/Blog/38

Looking forward to your updates.

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Thank you for the link, it was quite informing.
I have ordered the Navio last year, but the order status still says on hold. Is this because of the backorder or did they not accept my payment?
Thank you for your support!

Did you contact the emild team for clarification? They are very responsvie.

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Your order will be shipped in about a week. We are still manufacturing the first batch of Navio2 :smile:

Thank you very much, I just was a little unsure if everything worked out.
As soon as the Navio has arrived I will post some pictures of the airframe and all my components.
I am also thinking about replacing the stock prop, as it deos not fold up in the airstream, although I checked the ESC programming and the break seems to be set ON. Are there recomendations out there?
I am running an 900kv motor and it should pull about 40-59 amp on a 4s LiPo setup.
I hope to start working on the projekt soon

Hey folks, It’s been quite a long time since I last posted an update in here…

By now I have recieved, and tested the Navio 2 Board, and it works great, but The camera is a different story. I’ve found isolating the camera quite complicated, and I have broken one PiCam doing so.

But for the worst part, my plan on using 3g for controlling the drone did not work out. Hamachi could not establish any connection, so I needed an alternative. Thankfully I have found some cheap 433Mhz radios on Ebay, which perform great. for now I still need to go out for the first test flight with the Navio on the controlls, but I am confident that everything will work out fine.

now as a last question: Has anyone had the Navio crash during flight?
I just wondred how stable the firmware on the raspberry pi and navio is.

this is a Video of the drone. At the time of filming the video I still tried using 3g. Sadly I spoke German on the Video, so if you don’t speak German this will be very tough to understand. Anyhow: Have fun watching it!

In the video you say that everything works fine in your room but once you try out your setup outdoors, something goes out of hand. What exactly has changed? Does it have anything to do with having your drone powered with accumulator? As far as I understand, you’ve written your config data in rc.local and the connection between Hamachi and RPi haven’t been established, am I right? In a room you launched everything via ssh?

Yes, in my room, I used a 3g stick for the rpi, and lan for the laptop. Outside both were connected via 3g

I used rc.local in both situations, and in my room it worked fine

Okay, so this is kind of along term update…
By now, I had to change some parts of the projects. instead of using an LTE modem, I switched to a cheap set of 433mhz transcievers. These worked very well and reliably on the ground and I was quite happy to get ready for the first flight.

I set up the plane and checked out every controll surface just like the ardupilot first flight page suggestet. I also checked basic functionallity with the motor running, to check for interferrence and power instabillity.

everything worked, so I went to flying. during the takeoff phase, i had little or no controll over the plane. The plane crashed in a quite spectacular fashion, but the demage seems to be okay and reparable with some heavy duty glue.

the very strange thing about the crash was, that the motor started to run with full power after the crash, although I dissabeled it on my rc it did not stop, until I pulled the battery.
I am quite frustrated by now. I guess the powersupply failed under the high motor load, although the Navio wasconnected to everything just like recommendet in the docs. Also I should mention, that I was unable to calibrate the accelerometer, so I skipped the arming checks. The plane was in manual mode all the time, so the accelerometer shouldn’t have had any effect.

Is there anything I can do to test for this, and how can I get the accelerometer to complete the calibration?