High-voltage BEC


I have a high-voltage ESC+BEC to drive the motor, do I need to reduce the voltage to ~5V to be plugged into NAVIO’s servo rail?
Thank you!


Hi Peter,

What is the voltage that your BEC outputs?

Hi Igor:

My BEC outputs 6~8.4V, so I need to reduce the voltage to around 5V and then plug into the servo rail, right?



Peter, yes. You should only plug in 5V voltage source in the power rail.

Is ths power/servo rail V+ line connected to anything else on the Navio+?
Ok, forget the question. I missed the line in the docs
where it says the BEC provides backup power to the Navio+.

It is a secondary supply source, so it would power all the equipment. We have three power inputs protected with ideal diodes: USB, Power Module and servo rail.