High CPU -Ublox-SPI-to-TCP

Using Navio+ on a raspberry2+, the CPU load for the process ublox-spi-to-tcp seems high. Is this “normal” or is there any way to optimize this process ?? see attached screen shoot.

It’s a utility that has been used mostly for testing purposes. That’s why the performance hasn’t been taken into account… You can always adjust Ublox update rate and sleep() in the application in order to comply with your requirements.

Do you mean in the ublox-spi-to-tcp.c file ? and then recompile ? it seems there are no sleep() statement in that file.

What will be the correct settings if I want to take full advantage of the capabilities of the M8 GPS on the Navio+ board ??

Could you please elaborate on the task at hand? Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to draw any conclusions.


This is the cause of high CPU usage. You need to add one, because right now everything is executed in a tight loop :slight_smile:

But you cannot do so without understanding what frequency of data acquisition you require. That’s why I’m asking about the eventual goal.

I’m using the Navio+ as MRU, compass and GPS for a workboat. I hope to use 10hz GPS update ( if possible GPS+Glonass , in as high HZ as possible)