Hi Freq green LED flash

I have a Reach RS, (not plus) that enters a hi frequency green LED flash. It does not seem to want to reach fix status. The AR will behave somewhat erratically, then return to 1.0. … the green flashing will persist for perhaps an hour. Perhaps longer. The documentation indicates its writing data as long as its in hotspot mode. (It isn’t in hotspot mode) but no indication of what a hi freq green flash means outside of hotspot mode.

Flashing green means that it is collecting a point in Survey mode. Have you started a point-collection, maybe by mistake?

No, logging yes, but it goes on for an hour or more. Even after a reboot. It immediately goes green flashing again.

Even with no Fix, the only point collection allowed is with a fix. But the AR is 1.0

Ahhh! Ok, even if its waiting for status! Ok, I see your point now.! Thank you, you have answered my question. !

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