Hexacopter Predefined Waypoints navigation


I just finished my first Navio 2 hexacopter build and have tested its flight and everything seems to be running wonderfully. I want to do a simple predefined waypoint navigation with my drone but i am currently lost on how to do it. I would want my drone to take off with an altitude of 5 meters, then go right for 5 meters, and land after that. I first thought of using mission planner to set different waypoints but i think this mission is too small for mission planner since i feel it is used for long distance missions or am i wrong? i also thought about using ROS to control the drone but i am finding it very difficult to find any good instructions on how to code this. I know i want to use flight modes like altitude hold to keep my drone at a stable height but after that i am a little lost on how to even start.

Any suggestions will help or maybe some open source code that has already been developed that could guide me in the right direction. has anyone worked on this before that could maybe lend me a hand?

Thanks for your Time!

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