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Hello guys! So, I’m working on my final project (Computer Science Student - Delivery Drone), and I want to know if any of you have experience working with a Hexacopter and the navio+. Which frame do you recommend and which parts?
I already order the Raspeberry Pi 2 and the Navio+

You should provide a little bit more information about what you want to do:

  1. What do you plan to deliver? That would be the most important point, because it determines the payload your hexa must be able to carry.

  2. How far should it be able to travel? Flighttime and speed are also affected by the mass of the copter.

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First of all. thanks for the reply Sebastian. I am planning to use the drone on the university campus so it can deliver light stuff like mails, class lists, basically no more than 2 lbs.

The campus is approximately 0.8 squared miles (1.2 km^2).

Thanks again man!

Do you want to use a hexacopter, because of the motor redundancy?
For this range/payload a quadcopter should also work.

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Yeah, someone was explaining to me that if I want to build a delivery drone the best option is a hex. But, I am very new and I have never build a drone before.

I also read that is better to start with a quad. Do you think a quad will work good?

A quad will work too, but it has no redundancy. If one motor, esc, prop fails, it will be going down.
A hexa can loose one motor, esc, prop and still land safely, if it is not to heavy. This only applies to flat hexas. The flightcontroller will stop the motor opposite to the failed one to keep the copter flying. A flat octocopter can loose any two motors and keep flying.
I fly copters for five years and I never had a motor or esc fail. I lost a prop in flight, but it was a cheap plastic one. It broke after four batteries of aerobatics.
If you fly over the campus, you may not always be able to avoid flying over people, so I probably would build a hexa, too.
There are other things that can fail, of course. I would plan to fly over unpopulated areas most of the time.

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Hey @schuermannsebastian I already chose the frame, and it will be the Tarot ironman 650. Now I’m just doing more research for the motors, esc, battery, etc. Thanks for the help man!

Do you have some experience with the Tarot frame?

I would have suggested a Tarot frame, too. I only use their motormounts on my quad, but they are of good quality.
Regarding the choice of motors, have a look at ecalc.ch.
I use it all the time to find motor/prop combos for my planes and multicopters.
It is not a free service anymore, but a membership for a month and multicopter only costs 0.99 Euro.
That way you should get a good overview of the performance you can expect from different motors and props.

Yes it is a good resource! I have been using it a lot!! It helps so much!!