Hexa X configuration with edge and QGC

Apologies if this has been covered.

I am trying to setup a DJIS900 with the edge controller. I have not used QGC before (I build mainly fixed wings under the control of mission planner). I have been testing the motors but I am confused by the notation of QGC.

In arducopter (I am using this firmware) motors have numbers (associated with the corresponding receiver channels) which in hexa X configuration start with 1 on the right hand side, the pattern is clearly laid out on the copter pages. However in UGC the motors are labelled A-F. When connecting to the correct channels I get correspondence as follows (it appears the QGC notation is simply a clockwise rotation)

A = 5
B = 1
C = 4
D = 6
E = 2
F = 3

I am reluctant to find out whether this is correct by attempting to launch the bird. Can anyone confirm this notation?




Follow the pattern on the copter pages. Edge 'Out" 1 to 6 are for ESC 1 to 6.

QGC notation is for motor testing (A to F) and your table is correct.


Many Thanks for confirming Marc. I suspected all was well but I have had nasty things happen when things did not map as expected in the past :slight_smile: