Hexa Crash when in RTL mode


Have not been flying in a while and last night I updated my Navio2/Raspberry Pi with the latest updates OS + 3.4.6.

I flew around carefully for a few minutes and then put the hexa in to RTL mode, It moved into position and as it started to descend, it suddenly flipped and crashed.

Not really experienced at looking at the logs and I was wondering if anyone could have a look and see if there is any hint in the telemetry about what went wrong?

I have never used RTL before so Im not sure if it was a mechanical issue or a configuration issue.

My setup is pretty straight forward, I have a RC setup, and run my phone as a wifi hotspot where I normally run Tower, however this time I was running QGroundControl.

Interested what you can find, Thanks Lowres.


Sorry for your crash.

Log is quite good, nothing abnormal until it stopped registering, still in flight…

Current is OK, RC In and Out (motors) are fine.

How did you command RTL? There is no mode change order (RC CH5 stay in Loiter mode) but RTL start at minute 6.

It is like Navio shut down before landing.


Thanks Marc,

I used qgroundcontrol for changing to RTL, probably first time I used an app to change mode, I normally use the RC.

Oh well, rebuilding after a crash is half the fun, I’ve had to do it often enough.

Thanks and I’ll see if it happens again.

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