Hexa copter

im new start with navio 2 my project hexa copter project

  1. if neet to input sam setting servo output how can ı sett it pls for start the answer first this question
    thank for all helps…

Hi Halil,

May I ask you what image and ArduPilot version do you use?

Have you checked our setup scheme for servos and this ArduPilot’s guide on how to control servos with Mission Planner?

actualy ı try to controling to pwm 13 ; 14 to use for relay kit 5v.
But relay kit signal comes 500 signal range be active .
navio2 kit pwm signal parametr range is min 800 max 2000 beetwen signal can be use .

if have the signal option ı want to cofigure the new range for chepest ardunio relay kits.
if its posible to configure may valey the smile dear polina …
what is yor sugestıon …

Latest Framware Ardu copter 3.6.11 and ı install uart port rfd 868x ı connect for telemetry;
dual mecanism can ı use on that port ı dont know about that protocol detail i vill search th uart protocol mecanism first than ı vill inform you…

Hi Halil,

I apologize for the delayed response!

Would you mind describing your setup in more detail? Do I understand correctly that you’re planning to use Arduino board for redirecting the PWM signal from Navio2?

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