Help with getting accurate base coordinate

Hello bide. may you please help me?

I have 2 Reach RS, one as base and the other as rover, for GCP points. I did the rtkpost procedure with the base in the same point, two different days, and rinex daily data from a goverment antenna, 30 km away.

I got two .pos files with a lot of points.

The first one with 65942 points, (11227 fix, 47712 float and 7003 single)
The second one with the same points amount but all of them single.

Wich point of those in the .pos file do I manually enter in the base? an average? only if it’s fix? Does it matter if all of them are single?

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You could upload (or link) your files here or in a PM if you want. Then we could see why your second one isn’t producing a fix.

Yes, normally they are averaged. That is why you observe for a length of time - to average the results.

BTW: Learn to use the start and stop time features of RTKPLOT to show the results you want, and also to enable statistics to get the numbers you want.

Usually, yes. If your log has clear good and bad portions, you could take creative license and only include the good portions in your average. (See the note above.)

If you use a single mode position, then it is no better than just using the rover file without the base corrections. So yes, it does matter a lot to accuracy. In some cases single mode is as good as you can do. Although you could always submit your logs to an online service for PPP results.

To be clear, when I say rover and base I am speaking about the ‘role’ each unit is playing. For example: In your case you are trying to obtain an accurate coordinate for a point where you will place your base station. For the time up until that coordinate is determined, the unit sitting on that point is acting as a rover and the base station is the gov’t antenna 30km away. Afterward, the unit on that point will be acting as a base.

Hello bide. Thank you for your answer.

I understand that for this case my base is the “rover” of the gov’t antenna “base”. Maybe I change the settings of the emlid base between the two days or I choose static one day and kinematir the other, could it be?. I’ll perform more tests.

I tried to send rinex data to CSRS-PPP service, but the format of the rinex file was not right (the header had L2 observations but not the data). Then I tried to convert rinex file to a valid format (with rtkconv) with no succes. But I haven’t tried hard yet…

New users cannot upload files… so here is the link

Thank you again.

OK, I’ll take a look at them when I get a chance.

FYI, I think you could just reprocess your RINEX log files in RTKCONV with just L1 enabled in the settings. Then you should be able to submit for PPP successfully.

You sent the .pos files. I can’t do any real analysis without the raw logs.

I did take a look. The file from November looked not bad. Only 8 or 9 satellites were present, so it would be better if you had 15 or 20 satellites available. But maybe you were observing GPS only. The position goes between float and fix several times, which also tells me that you needed more satellites in view. That is about all I can say from the .pos file.

The file from a couple of days ago was all single mode. I can’t really say anything about this one other than there must have been an error in the settings or the base files did not cover the correct time. You should try processing this again.

If you upload your raw logs, I can look at them and give you more information. Base and rover please.

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