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Good morning, I am writing from Colombia and I would like you to collaborate with me on a topic.
On my PDA I installed Fieldgenius, but it tells me that to work together I have to have Ntrip castel, but here in Colombia there is no such thing …, will there be another configuration to work with both teams?

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I am not familiar with using NTRIP casters in FieldGenius9, but hopefully you have (2) Reach RS receivers? If so, set 1 up as BASE and the other as ROVER using LoRa? Or TCP if you have a internet connection via cellular or WiFi (short range), but best to just LoRa then.

If I have the 2 receivers, BASE AND ROVER, I just read that these can be handled with the Fieldgenius9 program, but as I told you, there is no Ntrip castel.


If you don’t have a NTRIP caster, then you don’t and obviously you cannot.

You don’t have to use NTRIP since you have (2) RS receivers, BASE and a ROVER. Just use LoRa or other means.

Now if you only have 1 receiver, then you would have to use NTRIP, but you don’t have that option in your country anyways as you state.

This part of the TUTORIAL is OPTIONAL:

Hi @Fernanda_Ovalle,

As @timd1971 mentioned, you can find the tutorial for Fieldgenius + Reach setup by following this link.

If you’ll still have this issue after reading docs, please, share screenshots with the step-by-step setup process.


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